Archive | October, 2010

May 6th “Flash Crash” a Systemic Event?

Following our previous analysis of the Waddell & Reed fund we performed a similar analysis of a group of the largest equity funds with combined AUM over $500B. Average fund exposures are shown in chart below (bottom part) and contrasted with the Ivy Asset Strategy fund (top). The Ivy fund is not included in this […]

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Waddell & Reed and the May 6 “Flash Crash”

An October 6th story in The Wall Street Journal “The Mutual Fund in the Flash Crash” points to Waddell & Reed’s $27 Billion Asset Strategy Fund as a potential cause of May 6 “flash crash.” We ran a quick analysis of the fund with the findings outlined below. First, notable information from SEC filings (Q1 […]

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European Equity Class Analysis

European Equity funds’ performance varies significantly across the category, with the best 5% of the funds in the universe outperforming the market (pegged to MSCI Europe) by approximately 15% over the trailing 12 months, and the worst 5% underperforming by approximately the same amount over the same time period. When one focuses on each success […]

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