Archive | February, 2011

Manager Factsheet Sample: Jupiter JGF European Growth

To achieve long term capital growth by exploiting special investment opportunities in Europe. The Fund will invest at all times at least 50% of its total assets (excluding liquid assets) in equities or other securities and participation rights. It will also invest, at all times, at least two-thirds of its total assets (excluding liquid assets) […]

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Featured Video: Manager Surveillance–Creating an Early Warning System

MPI’s Jeff Schwartz discusses how manager surveillance can help identify good managers and – more importantly – problem funds, before they negatively impact firms. Hear firsthand how a robust surveillance framework can provide analysts with advanced red flags and deeper fund analysis capabilities.

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North American Equity-EUR Denominated Funds

Given the large number of North American Equity funds registered for sale in Europe, the analysis is divided into USD and EUR denominated funds. In December, we examined USD denominated funds and found that the best performing 5% of funds had overweight exposures to MSCI EAFE, IT, industrials and materials; while the worst performing 5% […]

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