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North America Equity – USD Denominated Funds

North America Equity USD denominated funds’ performances range from -54.91% to 13.04% over the last 52 weeks (ending December 2, 2011), in USD terms. On average, the best 5% of the funds outperform the market (pegged to the S&P 500 Index) by approximately 5.13% and the worst 5% underperform by approximately 15.73%. We last analyzed […]

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A Hedge Fund Index – the Best Investment Ever?

The November 21 WSJ article “Hedge Funds Kiss Their Alpha Goodbye“ and a follow-up article look critically at the performance characteristics of hedge funds by presenting facts that, in authors own words, “aren’t exactly great PR for the hedge fund industry.” The article and its controversial conclusions got a lot of attention so we were […]

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