Archive | December, 2012

Chart of the Week: Are Managers Preparing to Repel Down the Fiscal Cliff?

With 5 days until deadline, are there any indications mutual fund managers are systematically acting on the broadcasted hysteria and preparing their portfolios for a less sudden descent down an ominous Fiscal Cliff (or maybe just locking-in handsome double digit market gains YTD)?[1] Or are they broadly in the market, sanguine about the prospects for […]

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Assessing Investment Style Similarity of Top Mutual Funds with MPI Common Style Analysis

As we’ve recently written, it has become platitudinous to say that markets are and have been highly correlated. And it is past due to move beyond simple linear measures of performance, such as correlation, when performing manager searches, diligence, selection, monitoring and replacement. It is with this thought in mind that we are proud to […]

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