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Too Heterogeneous to Handle? The Case for Careful Analysis of Nontraditional Bond Funds

As the end of the 30 year bond bull market begrudgingly gives over to the consensus-expected rate rise, investors’ persistent worries about the impacts of falling bond prices on their portfolios have provided great opportunity for asset managers to aggressively market and/or launch “nontraditional bond” funds. Unlike core or intermediate term bond funds, which typically […]

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The Taper at the Beach: Pimco, the Fed and a Quantitative Approach to the World’s Largest Bond Fund

In the WSJ’s February 24th exposé of the turmoil at the helm of Pimco, we saw a curious bit about tension at “the Beach” increasing in the summer of 2013. During this period, according to the Journal, conflict between then co-CIOs Bill Gross and Mohamed E-Erian became apparent to staff, and Gross restricted trading at […]

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The View from the Top: Gundlach, TCW and MetWest

        Nominated as fixed income fund manager of the decade by Morningstar and now leading the fastest growing mutual fund (by assets) in history, Jeffrey Gundlach has enjoyed no shortage of accolades. Indeed, many investors and industry watchers suggest the bond king crown belongs on his head. With the growing chorus telling […]

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