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Target-Date Fund Research Series, Part II: Differences in TDF Holdings vs. Exposures

As we previously discussed in Part I, returns-based style analysis, in particular MPI’s DSA model, generally does an excellent job of estimating the current equity exposures of Target Date Funds.  In some cases, however, DSA estimates are significantly different from consolidated holdings information – for six fund families out of the current TDF universe, in […]

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Standard Life GARS Fund: MPI’s Factor X-ray

The £27bn Standard Life Global Absolute Return Fund (SLI GARS) has been renowned as a leading absolute return UCITS/mutual fund since its inception in 2008. However, recently its performance reversed from the peak reached in April of 2015. Using SLI GARS’ weekly performance data, we demonstrate how sophisticated factor analysis techniques can provide valuable insights […]

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Brilliance Bundled in Quantity: The Quest to Understand Liquid Alts

Liquid Alternatives are rapidly gaining a foothold in investors’ portfolios. A recent survey of Defined Contribution (DC) consultants by Pimco showed bullish predictions on the growth prospects for liquid alternatives and enthusiasm for the inclusion of these offerings in DC retirement plan lineups and products, including custom target date and target risk funds. 40 Act […]

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