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Target-Date Fund Research Series, Part II: Differences in TDF Holdings vs. Exposures

As we previously discussed in Part I, returns-based style analysis, in particular MPI’s DSA model, generally does an excellent job of estimating the current equity exposures of Target Date Funds.  In some cases, however, DSA estimates are significantly different from consolidated holdings information – for six fund families out of the current TDF universe, in […]

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How Much Equity is in Your Target Date Fund (TDF)? Brexit Might Have the Answer.

Target Date Funds stumbled hard in 2008 when near-dated funds failed to provide the capital protection they were meant to for investors approaching retirement.  ‘Brexit’ may not be a Lehman Brothers-scale event, but it can certainly serve notice of some of the risks currently being assumed in near-dated Target Date Funds.  Below we illustrate how […]

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