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Target-Date Fund Research Series, Part III: Assessing Allocation Changes in TDF Glide Paths, Strategic or Tactical?

When an investor is considering a target date fund, the sales pitch is that they can “set it and forget it”, that their asset allocation will proceed merrily along a painstakingly selected glide path until it reaches the desired retirement (or post-retirement) date. Fund managers however, cannot maintain the same capital market assumptions and associated […]

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PTTRX: When is a switch a switch?

With Bill Gross’ surprise departure from Pimco, many investors are looking more closely at the behavior of Pimco Total Return in relation to its peers. Investors and consultants reviewing the new team and near-term performance will be making decisions in the next weeks and months that could have considerable impacts for the future of fixed […]

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Chart of the Week: Banking’s Tobacco Moment – LIBORious Speculation?

With bank exec heads rolling, investigations hotting up globally, politicians fuming and investors exercising caution in bank shares, the LIBOR scandal is fueling massive speculation about the long-term ramifications for the industry. Indeed, after all that the banking industry has faced in the wake of the bursting of the housing bubble, an anonymously quoted bank […]

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