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Russell Stability Indexes™: Usage in Fund and Portfolio Analysis

What are they? In 2010, Russell launched the Russell Stability Indexes. We believe that the index series is very useful for investment practitioners and fund analysts looking to better understand exposures and risk factors – particularly those associated with sensitivity to economic cycles and price of stocks – exhibited by funds and portfolios. The Russell […]

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Chart of the Week: GMO Quality – Accidental Allocator

Salient Points: 1.  Over the past 12 months, GMO Quality emerged as the best ‘timer’ or sector allocator of any fund in the large- and multi-cap U.S. equity universe, when weighed against the S&P 500. 2.  Ironically, the fund is known for its stock selection. 3.  Its outperformance is attributable to consistent, steady exposure to […]

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