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Does Risk Parity Maximize Risk-adjusted Returns?

While it is well known that risk parity strategies typically allocate more weight or apply leverage to asset classes with lower risk, it is not well understood how higher volatility affects the Sharpe ratios exhibited by the assets that get over- or under- weighted.  We find that in practice the strategy increases an asset’s weight […]

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Ivy League Endowments 2016 Performance Review

An 1873 meeting that brought Harvard, Yale and Princeton together to codify the rules of American football also debuted a sports conference later known as the “Ivy League — eight elite institutions whose heritage, dating from pre-Revolutionary times, became formative influences shaping American character and culture.  These schools also pioneered endowment investment management, thus helping […]

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Is there more liquidity danger in High Yield Bond Funds? Check with Durbin-Watson.

In the winter of 2015, an almost unheard of situation happened. A mutual fund, normally required to guarantee daily liquidity, blocked its clients from withdrawing money. The Third Ave Focused Credit Fund (TFCIX), citing losses and a lack of liquidity in the high yield bond market, put some of its assets into a trust to […]

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