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Alpha and Excess Return: Not Synonymous

Can a fund whose alpha is positive significantly underperform the market? Yes, it can. This is a common question we receive during our clients’ Quarterly reporting, so we felt it worth addressing this phenomena – and taking a quick look at funds that gain this distinction. There is a common misperception that alpha means outperformance […]

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Chart of the Week: Performance RIEFersal – Riding the market to the podium

With the Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund recently taking home the Hedge Funds Review Americas Awards for “Best long/short equity hedge fund” and “single manager fund of the year”, we thought it would be worth taking another gander at RIEF to explore the fund’s performance generation. [1] We figured RIEF might be doing something different since […]

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Chart of the Week: Facebook

While Facebook’s IPO was a landmark event for so many reasons, we thought it would be interesting to see what quantitative analysis of a galaxy of mutual funds using daily data can show a savvy fund investor. With any large, much-heralded new offering, buyers of the security must emerge. In the case of Facebook, buyers […]

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