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Measuring the Ivy 2017: A Year in the Upside Down for Endowment Returns

Summary While stranger things have happened, this year’s big winners and the factor exposures that drove their returns were certainly atypical. Overall, the Ivies reversed the disappointing results of FY 2016, with all registering positive returns and all but Harvard beating the 60-40 portfolio (only the second time that’s happened since 2009). Traditional under-performers outperformed, […]

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Ivy League Endowments 2016 Performance Review

An 1873 meeting that brought Harvard, Yale and Princeton together to codify the rules of American football also debuted a sports conference later known as the “Ivy League — eight elite institutions whose heritage, dating from pre-Revolutionary times, became formative influences shaping American character and culture.  These schools also pioneered endowment investment management, thus helping […]

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Can Annual Returns Be Used to Unlock the Sources of Top Endowment Performance?

A Sneak Peek of MPI’s Endowment Study. Fall has brought with it excitement and some surprise in a much-watched annual contest. No, we’re not talking about the World Series but rather endowment-reporting season. Fiscal year (FY) 2015 returns[1] are now in from many of the top college endowments. Bowdoin, with almost $1.4B AUM, has taken […]

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